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What is BreezePay code

This is an alternative payment platform that enables customers to pay via WEB/POS Terminals/Agency Banking without card. Our innovation leverages existing POS infrastructure and creates an alternative to card usage. Customers can generate a 7-digit code from the mobile app or USSD and use it for payment at merchant’s location, eliminating the need for physical cards

How to Generate BreezePay Code

In order to generate a code the customers can generate a code from the Access Bank Mobile App, USSD (*Yourbankcode*000*157+amount#) which is available to all bank’s customers or the BreezePay App

Benefits of BreezePay Code

Some of the benefits of BreezePay are Immediate settlement, Instant confirmation, No card chargeback issues, Free airtime cashbacks, Airtime purchases, Bill payments in-app with no charge, Zero delay/failure on transactions, Seamless & fast payment

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