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A Simplified Range of Payment Products Designed to Build Your Business

The BreezePay mobile app aggregates exciting payment solutions in a place. It has successfully integrated the means to help you pay virtually and with transfer, meeting all your business needs.

Our cardless POS payment solution helps you pay confidently without a debit card, enabling you to check out with just a payment code at various merchant stores.

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BreezePay is a Mobile Payment and API platform that enables customers to pay via POS, eCommerce websites and other card acceptance devices without their debit cards.

Enjoy Cardless POS transactions at various merchant stores


Enjoy cardless POS transactions at various Merchant stores using *901*4# or your bank’s USSD code.

Mobile App

Pay confidently without a debit card, skip long queues at check out points and enjoy seamless transactions, all with just a code you generate from the BreezePay app.

Virtual Pay

Capture more payment information using a virtual account, eliminate reconciliation issues and provide instant and seamless payment management.

Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable insights and analytics from our top end admin portal to properly plan and mitigate risk in your stores.

Convenient Payment System at your Fingertips

VirtualPay is a solution that allows merchants and aggregators to create virtual accounts for their online customers as well as for checkout at merchant’s location who want to pay via transfer to make specific payments. This service will make crediting merchants using VirtualPay a safe and secure operation.

Instant Payment Collection

Merchants can create either a virtual account for their customers to make payment for services and it is easily reconciled and settled.

Wallet System

Fintechs can leverage on our virtualpay service to set up a wallet system on their platform.

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